30% off at design house digital!!

I just received word that between Jan 1-3 all products at Design house digital will be 30% off!  Make sure you take advantage...I have seen some of the products and they are fabulous!!!  design house digital

design house digital

so excited about this new adventure.  I was invited to be a part of this amazing group of scrapbookers and designers on this brand new site that launches January first.  The list of designers is top-notch - check out the blog to see who is already signed on to share their creations!  DESIGN HOUSE DIGITAL BLOG

I  will unfortunately be away during the site launch (well - I will be in Maui so I can only be sooo sad).....but be sure to check it out - it is going to incredible!  Check out the place holder site and grab a fabulous freebie http://www.designhousedigital.com/

one week from tomorrow and

I (well we) will be here!

honua kai maui resort and spa

too trendy

love the colours in this kit by Michelle Underwood :)  TOO TRENDY

I admit it - I have a weakness for bags....

particularly camera bags (I think I have 8+ right now!)....and I am about to order another!  (I will be thinning my collection out in the new year as even I think a person doesn't need 9 camera bags!).

I came across these one mentioned on ILP and just cannot resist!!  I immediately fell in love and could not wait....but sadly they weren't ready for order yet - but NOW THEY ARE!!

look at these - camera bags for women have come a LONG way!  You can find them here (they are pre-ordering now for shipment in the new year I believe)  www.kellymoorebag.com

****AND if you post this info on your blog (link to her site and the photo below) and let her know she will send you a code for $50 off of a bag****

baby it's cold outside

finally had a few moments to scrap something that wasn't 'gift' related!

Used the latest kit from Michelle Underwood available HERE

even better!

gallery top 10

and I think this is the first time this has happened....I don't always check so I am not sure....but this made me happy (silly things like this often do LOL!)

eta:  I have moved up now (most likely in thanks to being the featured layout for the day - see post above)

calendars finished!

I am actually a little bummed - I made a change to the photo in the march page and I forgot to adjust the yellow swirl :(  but overall I am really happy with them....I also changed the lettering a bit in April, and the papers placement in May....they are sent off to Shutterfly now (thanks Heather) with an anticipated arrival date of D.18-29 (hopefully earlier than later!).

and here is the cover:

a sneak peek

I am making calendars this year for a few gifts...I made them 2 years ago and people loved them - they asked if they were getting any last year (but I didn't make them last year)...so I decided to make some again this year.  I looked for some pre-made calendar kits to make things simple but didn't find a single kit that I *loved* so decided to just make my own calendar toppers. I  have done Jan-June...so here is a sneak peek:

 I printed them at shutterfly when I did them before - but I cannot seem to see a way to upload my OWN designs for their calendars this year (ANYONE KNOW?  OR KNOW WHERE TO PRINT THESE OFF?)

props to my two little fishies

They've had several swim meets lately....and have been doing quite well....especially in their strongest strokes - which for both of them are free style and backstroke.  They both need to work on breast and butterfly...

But here are few of the results sheets from their most recent meet....

okay...so we're not traditonal

my kids are beyond the stage of letting me take their pics with cute matchy sweaters, etc....I realized that the only way I was going to get my boys to pose for any type of 'holiday' pic was if it was going to be on their terms...

Yesterday after my post I had the idea to do 'rockband' photos for the cards - hardly traditional - lol.  I designed the card last night and took the pics today.  They gave me no more than about 3 minutes in the 3 degree weather today to get the pics - but at least I got some....and my cards are finished and sent to be printed....It looks like I will be sending cards this year after all :)  Although by the time I get them and send them off - it may well be after Christmas before anyone receives them...but oh well - at least they are getting done!

I've got a confession to make...

I am sooooo behind on pretty much everything....I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.  Andrew has been away sooo much lately (like 7 out of the past 9 weeks) and it is all I can do just to make sure my kids get to school/their activities, fed, clothed, and homework done....and add in that it's December and it puts me pretty much over the top.  I have four Christmas concerts to go to (2 down), a science fair project to assist with (who plans a science fair on December 16th - isn't December  busy enough!?!?)....not to mention Christmas shopping - I haven't bought a single gift yet!  And I think this may just be the first year I don't send out Christmas cards - I usually do photo cards - but I have not had an opportunity (or willing kids) to take a photo of them - and the boys need haircuts first anyway!  If anyone gets cards from us this year they will likely only be store-bought ones (sorry).

I sure wish December didn't have to be so darn hectic - so I could actually ENJOY this time of year...but everyday I have a frantic to-do list about a mile long and I can barely catch my breath, only for it start over the next day.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to our 10 days in Maui at the end of the month - I so need a holiday!

I have some exciting news regarding my digital creative teams that I will update very shortly too - so excited to share the news with you.

And to show you how behind on things I am - I only re-did my desktop today - and it's the 5th of the month already (this pic is 3 years old - I couldn't bother to search for a better more recent one anyway).