February dollar days at DHD

Every day at DESIGN HOUSE DIGITAL a new kit will be released for only $1!!!  It will remain just $1 for the entire month too!!  Regular releases on Mondays/Thurs with a sale of 30% off on release days will continue.  Be sure to check back often to see what's new!

Escaping to the sun again!

In just over 2 weeks we are going to be here again!  The Grand Sirenis in the Mayan Riviera.  We were there 2 years ago in 2008 (when these pics were taken).  This the first time we have returned to a resort - so that says something!  I am sooo looking forward to another break - these past few weeks with Andrew being away, and everyone at home kindly sharing illnesses - have been rough.  I am ready to 'forget' all of our responsibilities and put our feet up!

latest creations for Michelle Underwood

Kit:  you make me shine

Kit:  you picked me

Kit: Sunday kind of love

latest Design House Digital layouts...

I love having two new release days/week - I only have to wait a few days before grabbing some new goodies!  Here is what I have created lately:

template - tiffany tillman, paper - spencer nugent and carina gardner

just be you kit - audrey neal

mask - carina gardner,paper and date stamps - deena rutter

Re-did this one (decided to do 12x12's for this album),
paper and stamps and template - deena rutter

template- audrey neal, paper - jen allyson, scribbles - jen allyson, stamp - deena rutter, title alpha - meredith fenwick

smitten kit - jen allyson

Template -deena rutter, paper - melissa esplin, mask - deena rutter

our house has been a 'hospital' lately!

at least a couple of people sick at any given time - now it's my oldest son and my turn!  I have not gotten around to taking pics of my camera bags - so my apologies if you've been waiting for them!

I do want to take this opportunity though and send out props to my husband on the completion of his first music CD - he worked on this last year when the economy dived and he had a bunch of time on his hands. It has been a labour of love - something he has had in him forever that he 'needed' to do and finally had the time to do it!

These songs are all 100% written and partially produced by him, he performs in the intstrumentation, and they are sung by some friends of his.

check them out!  (double click on the song names on the right to hear short clips)


stay tuned for my 'camera bag sale'

(also known as 'MUST get rid of some bags before the two new ones I ordered arrive....or hubby will have a cow sale') ;-p

I am going to be taking pics of the bags I will selling and posting them in the next few days....stay tuned for first dibs... before I post them at ILP.

back and finally catching my breath!

We had a great time in Maui - so beautiful and the weather was perfect.  9 days wasn't long enough :(
Upon returning home (to the RAIN!) I have been overwhelmed with getting the kids back to school and caught up on homework (they missed the first 4 days back to school), laundry (six suitcases full!) and caught up with things at Design House Digital.  The site went live on January first (while we were away).  I believe they had a pretty successful opening weekend sale!  There are new releases there every Monday and Thursday which are always 30% off on release days!  There are so many fabulous designers - I am finding it hard to decide what to work with!

Now that things are settling down (and the hubby left for work) I have some time to CREATE!!!  Here are my first few pages I have designed for DHD (and a glimpse at some of our Maui pics).

Things will only be 'normal' for a few weeks though - we booked our next trip to Mexico yesterday - we will be in the Mayan Riviera (Akumal) from Feb 15-March 1.  This is the first year we have taken holidays so close together - (and probably the last) - but the kids all get 2 weeks off of school during the Olympics - and we don't have tickets to any events, parking and driving in the city will be a nightmare, so we decided to FLEE!