I meant to get to this yesterday....but some days just have a way of running away on me (today almost did the same - I will post about that later)....but here goes:

Kerry from Kerry'd Away Designs nominated me for this cool little award yesterday - after being nominated first herself.  I was quite honoured especially since my blog is only in it's infancy (not even a month old yet!) and has already gone through a couple of 'remodels'.....

The expectations upon receiving this award are as follows (cut and pasted from Kerry's blog):

  • Thank the sender for nominating you.
  • make sure you link to the person who nominated you.
  • Copy the logo onto your blog
  • List seven interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate Seven Kreative Bloggers
  • Post links to their Blog
  • Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination.

NOW FOR MY SEVEN 'INTERESTING' THINGS (that's pretty subjective isn't it? lol!) that you may not know about me:

1.  I was adopted at age 10.  I was in 14 different foster homes between the ages of 8-9, and was adopted by the family that fostered me from age 9+.  Sadly - it turned out to be not a match made in heaven....I left that home when I was still in grade 12. I have no relationship with them 20 years later, and they have not even met my children.

2.  My oldest son (now 16) had open-heart surgery when he was 5 months old.  He is doing well now, but will require more surgeries as a young adult I am told.  He is doing better than we were told though - he can play a 90 minute soccer game!

3.  My second son (now 12) has Aspergers, ADHD, and Tourettes.  Days can be pretty challenging - but his random "I love you mom"s make it all worthwhile.

4.  Between November 2006 and November 2007 I lost 80 pounds! 

5.  I did two sprint distance (750m swim/20k bike/5k run) triathlons in May and June of 2008.   I only began learning to swim in February of 2008 - and  I came 3rd in my age group in my first one!!  I actually had the 7th fastest time for the bike split out of the whole race:)  Unfortunately I have been battling with knee issues since then and have not been able to consistently run - although it is improving.

6.  I met my husband at a bus stop!

7.  My husband travels a lot for work (on average at least 50% of the year)....

AND NOW I PASS THE HONORS TO:  (this is really hard!)

Jennifer at Jennifer Hignite
Katherine at Katherine Bley

had a busy weekend!

the girls had a swim meet yesterday morning....Riley had a soccer game yesterday evening - his games are at 6:15 in the evening! (in the WORST weather EVER - a cold rain that was blowing in your face due to wind).  Then today I went on a wild goose hunt all over the city trying to find a piece of styrofoam large enough for Stuart to build a model of the skytrain with!!  Easier said then done.....finally found a piece (that was actually 6 times bigger than needed and cost $21)...and 24 magnets (cost $40).....helped him with said project (painting, glue gunning, xacto knifing) only to find out that the magnets weren't strong enough to make the model train car 'hover' (which was his goal) - ugh!

To help calm my frazzled nerves.....scrapbooking to the rescue!

thanks to some of my CT pals.....

I learned a new digi scrapping technique - how to layer elements both ABOVE and BELOW another element - have an element go THROUGH another.

 I did it with this layout with the string - it is above and below the the waves....and the string runs through the tag (that always stumped me!).  And it is really simple - basically you just duplicate the element layer (bring to the top of layer palette) and erase where you want the element to appear below the other element (in this case the waves).

also thought I would share

these two videos/montages I made in imovie when I first got my imac in the summer....I loved making these and need to make more!  There are some 'newbie' mistakes in these...and I can't claim to know imovie inside and out...but it wasn't too hard to get the basics down.

Osoyoos 2006 from Jill Beamer on Vimeo.

our first triathlons - slideshow from Jill Beamer on Vimeo.


came across an ad in an in-flight magazine recently for a little album by MEMOLIO and had to give them a try....they are just sooo darn cute!

I just ordered a few (for Christmas gifts) to give them a try....I realized too late that after I moved some pictures around (front of album to the back or vice versa that the grommet is not in the ideal spot for a couple of the pics) but live and learn I guess.

did a page!

don't know where my mojo has gone this past week or two?  I just got overwhelmed with 'everyday' stuff that I couldn't seem to 'create' in what little time I have had lately....but i did do this one page today....hopefully it will spark something....  It is a quick page by taylormade (bottom right in the sample page below) that I cropped to 8.5 by 11 and added a few things to finish it off.

DSBD - sale and freebies!

If you're like me and can't pass up a sale then head on over to 2peas - many of the designers (including some of the ones whose CT I am on - Jen Allyson, Carina Gardner, and Michelle Underwood) are having a 25% off sale for Digital Scrapbooking Day.  And there are some great FREEBIES to be had as well!

you can see what's on sale here!

I'm a happy girl

picking up my husband at the airport tomorrow afternoon.....he's been in Bolivia for the past 3.5 weeks!


since I have started scrapping digitally I have become obsessed with the 'stuff' you can's like Candy to me!!  I have spent a small fortune as I have explored some wonderful e-stores (I am still learning what's out there).....In the past week alone I think I spent about $150.....and then today I started getting a bunch of Sale notices for DSD!  Many of them are 30-50% off!  If I had only known I would have waited a few days!

some blogger questions....

I think I am going to be one of 'those people' who are never quite satisfied with the state of their blog lol....and will likely be updating it frequently.  I saw this mini kit (it was meant for a hybrid project - a mini album) but fell in love with it and thought it would work perfectly for my blog...only there was no font/alpha to match so I couldn't match the word 'create' to her 'click click' which I love!

my blogwear was created with this kit by mushy:

Anyhow, I still have lots more questions in my quest to get this blog to  a state where I will be happy for at least a week:)

I'll start with 2, and if you know the answers it would make me very happy!

1.  See how my text is VERY close to the left edge of my center paper?  Where in the html do I move my text over a bit more to the right?

2.  You can see that I have SPACE for a second sidebar (the empty strip in the middle), but for some reason when I go to edit page elements, it doesn't give me the option to move/add anything there?  Any ideas?

Too Trendy Kit

made this with mostly the things in Michelle Underwood's TOO TRENDY KIT

I love how it turned out.

first layout for Michelle Underwood

I made this with her newest kit Vintage Holiday Memories

I recoloured the brown leaf by adding a colour overlay and reducing the opacity to get the other fall colours.

new desktop calendar