had a busy weekend!

the girls had a swim meet yesterday morning....Riley had a soccer game yesterday evening - his games are at 6:15 in the evening! (in the WORST weather EVER - a cold rain that was blowing in your face due to wind).  Then today I went on a wild goose hunt all over the city trying to find a piece of styrofoam large enough for Stuart to build a model of the skytrain with!!  Easier said then done.....finally found a piece (that was actually 6 times bigger than needed and cost $21)...and 24 magnets (cost $40).....helped him with said project (painting, glue gunning, xacto knifing) only to find out that the magnets weren't strong enough to make the model train car 'hover' (which was his goal) - ugh!

To help calm my frazzled nerves.....scrapbooking to the rescue!


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Hi Jill I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger award. Come by and check it out on my blog.

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