PB's for the girls at their swim meet :)

Was at the pool all day friday for an ISEA swim meet. Delaney in the morning and Jacqueline in the afternoon.  There were a LOT of swimmers for the gr 3/4's in the morning so each kid only got to swim in one event (bummer) and a relay.  Delaney (gr. 3) swam the 50m freestyle with a time of 52:10 (previous pb was 53:23).  (and for comparison - when Delaney started swim club just over a year ago - her 50m free time was 1:18.89)

By the time the kids are in grade 5-7 pretty much the only kids on the school swim teams are kids who are on swim teams outside of school too - so the numbers decrease a bit.  Unfortunately by gr.5 if you aren't practicing outside of school you just can't be competitive in the water (there are a couple of kids who are the exception - but they HAD been on a swim team previously).  Jacqueline swam 3 events plus a relay.  She swam the 50m butterfly with a time of 55:83 (previous pb 1:03.51 - she knocked almost 8 seconds off her time since she last raced that event in November!).  She also swam 50m back - 51:20 (53:20) and 50m free - 42:21 (43:95).  (Jacqueline's 50m free time when she started last year was 55:19)

Very proud of them!  Jacqueline is the fastest female gr. 5 swimmer (in all events) at her school, and Delaney is either first or second fastest (depending on event) for gr.3 girls at her school.