some blogger questions....

I think I am going to be one of 'those people' who are never quite satisfied with the state of their blog lol....and will likely be updating it frequently.  I saw this mini kit (it was meant for a hybrid project - a mini album) but fell in love with it and thought it would work perfectly for my blog...only there was no font/alpha to match so I couldn't match the word 'create' to her 'click click' which I love!

my blogwear was created with this kit by mushy:

Anyhow, I still have lots more questions in my quest to get this blog to  a state where I will be happy for at least a week:)

I'll start with 2, and if you know the answers it would make me very happy!

1.  See how my text is VERY close to the left edge of my center paper?  Where in the html do I move my text over a bit more to the right?

2.  You can see that I have SPACE for a second sidebar (the empty strip in the middle), but for some reason when I go to edit page elements, it doesn't give me the option to move/add anything there?  Any ideas?


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