a sneak peek

I am making calendars this year for a few gifts...I made them 2 years ago and people loved them - they asked if they were getting any last year (but I didn't make them last year)...so I decided to make some again this year.  I looked for some pre-made calendar kits to make things simple but didn't find a single kit that I *loved* so decided to just make my own calendar toppers. I  have done Jan-June...so here is a sneak peek:

 I printed them at shutterfly when I did them before - but I cannot seem to see a way to upload my OWN designs for their calendars this year (ANYONE KNOW?  OR KNOW WHERE TO PRINT THESE OFF?)


Heather said...

Jill, you can do them at Shutterfly. Just go through ignoring you picking one of their styles, then when you get to the Edit page in the process, pick the full bleed 1 photo option and then you can just drag & drop in your pages.

Also, you can get a ready made blank one under the digital scrapbooker's products at: http://www.shutterfly.com/digital-scrapbooking

Heather said...

You can also do them through Lulu.com and they are gorgeous! also tend to be a bit cheaper than Shutterfly. Both are the same template sizes so can check them out both places. I did one this year for Kristin's calendar workshop at logyourmemory.com & had it printed through Lulu.com and it was absolutely beautiful production.

jill beamer said...

thanks Heather :)

Veronica said...

i was also going to suggest shutterfly! I will have to try LuLu.com for some other things I need done. The calendars....there has got to be some advantage being married to a printer and owning my own place!

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