perhaps this is why Andrew is upset with my camera bag fetish?

finally got around to taking pics of my camera bags that I am going to let go!  (I have 7 of them to sell!).  I am going to only post them here for about a week so if you want any let me know because I am going to post them at ILP, craigslist, and 2peas most likely after that.  Prices are still being determined (I will update this post once I figure out what these are going for).  Updated with prices - includes shipping and paypal fees.  Most of the bags are in new or near new condition.

1.  crumpler 7mdh (near new - small stain in circle on top of bag) sold

2. medium black jill-e (near new - hardly used) sold

3. grey emera (near new - hardly used) sold

4. circles emera (brand new - never used) sold

5. scarlet jotote (brand new - never used) sold

6. small custom wicked stitch (etsy) messenger (used once) sold

7. large wicked stitch (etsy) messenger (moderate use) - small (nickle sized) white mark on end of bag - will probably come of with damp cloth but have not tried. sold pending payment


barb said...

I'm interested in the Emera Tote. I sent you peamail too.

Amanda said...

I peamailed you about the red Jo Tote! Just thought I'd post here in case you didn't see the peamail! :)

Amanda said...

Peamailed you again! :)

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