lots of people have asked me

if those are the bags that I am NOT keeping, which bags ARE you keeping?  So here they are:

first is the olive jotote that I bought at the same time as the scarlett, I found no need to use the scarlett since I like the olive so much.

I also recently bought the grey Kelly Moore bag.  Well, actually I preordered it as soon as I saw it, I just got it about a month or so ago though.  It is the bag that I am using 'right now' as my everyday bag/purse with my camera (d700 and 24-70 attached) to have on hand.

I also just received (also preordered it a few months ago) the Ginger epiphanie bag.  I have not used it yet as it just came the other day...but it clearly is a great bag.  I would have gotten it sooner, but it was due to be shipped right before we left on holidays so I asked them wait to after we got back to ship it.

(and here the compulsive shopper in me shows itself again).  One of the buyers of my old bags asked me how the canvas emeras I was selling compared to the quilted one...(I wasn't aware there WAS a quilted emera so I had to check it out...and fell in love with that bag too - and ordered it - even as I was selling all these other bags - 2 of which were emeras).  So I now have this bag on it's way to me too!

I also have and am keeping a boring Lowepro Orion trekker back pack that is not glamorous, but sometimes given the circumstances and environment is more practical than any of the above.

So there you have it, my new camera bag collection as it stands - at least until something new catches my eye!


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