easy come, easy (easier) go

My plan was to use the money I got from selling my neglected camera bags towards some simple studio light equipment (I had wanted to for a very long time but just never could let myself do it).  It was fortuitous (?) that someone on ILP posted an alien bee strobe and giant softbox in great condition for sale (and within Canada even) - I jumped on it....and that's where the idea of 'experimenting with studio lights ' has been a slippery slope quickly draining my bank account ...I quicky discovered I needed (and wanted) some other equipment to 'do it right, and do it easier)...resulting in me spending far more than I got from the sale of my bags - I don't even want to do the math - yikes!)

I have received (or will be receiving very shortly):

1 Alien Bee 400 Strobe, 1 Alien Bee giant foldable softbox (received)
1 heavy duty light stand with castors (received)
1 set of Alien Bee Cyber Cyncs wireless strobe transmitter/receivers (missed their delivery on Friday :(  )
1 L-358 sekonic light meter (bought locally off of craigslist)
10 (yes ten!) rolls of seamless background paper
1 lastolite reflector and stand

I am going to Home Depot probably Tuesday (I have to stay home for the re-delivery of my cyber cyncs tomorrow) to get some sort of fake wood floor, and a strip of baseboard....

then I am going start the process of learning simple studio lighting (which may involve some bribery to get my kids to cooperate)...I cannot wait for my new neice/nephew to be born in the summer :) - someone to really practice on!


Mindy Hanson said...

How exciting Jill! Looking forward to seeing your shots.

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