our house has been a 'hospital' lately!

at least a couple of people sick at any given time - now it's my oldest son and my turn!  I have not gotten around to taking pics of my camera bags - so my apologies if you've been waiting for them!

I do want to take this opportunity though and send out props to my husband on the completion of his first music CD - he worked on this last year when the economy dived and he had a bunch of time on his hands. It has been a labour of love - something he has had in him forever that he 'needed' to do and finally had the time to do it!

These songs are all 100% written and partially produced by him, he performs in the intstrumentation, and they are sung by some friends of his.

check them out!  (double click on the song names on the right to hear short clips)



Joy said...

Neat! Thanks for sharing the link!

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping you and your household can shake this bug....get better soon {{{hugs}}}!


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