Introducing my brand new blog!

Blogger is very new to me - and I have spent countless hours over the past day to get this blog to even this point! I like it so far but still have a lot of kinks to work out - like how to put my 'tabs' (like fave blogs, photos, etc) on the side with their accompanying lists....

Anyway - this is where you will find updates about my personal photography and scrapbooking. Speaking of which - As of 5 weeks ago I began to scrapbook again (after a 4 year hiatus) - only digitally this time. I am loving digital, I am learning something new everyday. I am also pleased that in this short timespan of creating digitally I find myself on the creative teams for several talented Designers - namely Mary Ann Wise, Carina Gardner, Jen Allyson, and Michelle Underwood. Life is good!


Heather said...

Great start you have going on!

To add to your blog list, go to your Layout -> Page Elements and you should see an Edit button next to your My Blog List. Click it and you should get a pop up where you can Add to List & then enter the address of where you want when it pops up another window. Good luck! and just ask if you need any help.

Kerry'd Away Designs said...

Hey great to see that you've just started a new Blog. Me too me too! I like what you've done. I kept mine supremely simple. I look forward to seeing what you post.

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